Published: 04 April 2017

We’re lucky to have some great doggy characters on our screens here in the UK and here’s our top ten (in no particular order)...

K9 from Dr Who
Not quite the four-legged variety but a handy sidekick never the less!

Shep from Blue Peter
Always on-hand with John Noakes, the pair of them are often remembered for the catchphrase “Get down Shep!”

Nigel, Monty Don's co-presenter
Nigel’s still a regular on our screens, accompanying Monty Don as he tends to his garden. Although Monty is the official presenter, we think Nigel is the true star of the show!

The only cartoon dog on our list, we couldn’t miss out this iconic Peanuts character who has been around since 1950.

Littlest Hobo
For anyone watching TV in the 80s, the Littlest Hobo was a regular presence, travelling around helping out those in need. Did you know there was an original series in the 1960s too?

BouncerMost famous for his dream sequence episode, Bouncer was a key member of the Neighbours’ cast. Although he was looked after by a few different characters, it was the inimitable Mrs Mangel who became his best friend.

Roly the poodle
Roly is another soap opera star, living his life in the Eastenders’ Queen Vic being looked after by Dirty Den. Roly was the character to give away the paternity of Michelle Fowler’s baby.

Schnorbitz is possibly the biggest dog on our list. He found his fame in the 80s entertaining us alongside his comedy partner Bernie Winter.

Another 80s icon, Spit was created by Bob Carolgees and had a memorable but rather unsavoury defining characteristic!

Eddie from Frasier
Eddie was a clever dog, and often played havoc with the lives of Frasier Crane and his family. Despite his diminutive size and some serious competition from the other cast members, Eddie was often the star of the show.

So these are our favourite television doggy actors - which canine stars of the small screen have we missed?! Head over to our Facebook page to share your views!

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